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green leaves
May 26, 2015

Solar energy is incredible. Drawing energy from the sun has nothing in the way of toxic releases and provides wonderful benefits for every group from right here in America to far away third world countries.

In America we are quite a bit more picky about where we place our solar panels and a novel idea has come to light. There are those that want to locate solar panels over dumps. Hayward is currently embarking on this and it will kill 2 birds with a single stone. By placing 19,000 solar panels above their closed dump the city will produce solar electricity to power 5,000 homes. The hope of the city is that this becomes a model for what can be done nationally.

Many people are aware that a dump that is full requires a certain number of years to be used again for anything. Also, dumps are an abundant source of methane gas which can be captured and used as well. Dumps are not typically located where they are seen daily and they are easily accessible. This is a win-win for Hayward and the residents of Hayward.

Forward thinking like this is what will lead us into the next generation of power. Between new ideas and the implementation of current ideas we can win this battle and make the 21st Century one where our kids benefit. Our vice president says daily that we must reduce before we produce and this idea is one where can do both simultaneously.

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