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July 28, 2015

As homes are getting smarter buyers and sellers have to do the same thing. The advent of connected homes means that we can do more and do it easier under most circumstances. The problem often comes when we try to teach someone to use the technology that we use so easily.

At Brower Mechanical we do everything possible to remain on the cutting edge and that is getting easier and more difficult at the same time. Products like ecobee make the cutting edge easy, affordable and it can move across several platforms like phone, tablet and desktop and it’s simple. These are the reasons we partnered with them. This doesn’t really matter if you know who you are going to sell your home to when the time comes.

When we come in and suggest a thermostat to connect your home and phone was are beholden to you. Whatever we suggested needed to be high tech enough for you and easy enough for your new buyers. If you are 35 and tech savvy and your buyers are in their 60’s and they are late adopters you will have a problem. The reality is that many people use technology so easily that they forget how to teach someone else to use that same technology. That is a problem. This is just one of the reasons we have a full-time person on staff to help with these issues. If you miss selling your home because you kept up and no one else did that wouldn’t work.

We are Brower Mechanical and no matter if you are technically hip or slow to adopt we are here and ready to help. Call us at 916-624-0808.