How to Benefit From an All Electric Home

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February 28, 2019

With the new SMUD Time of Use rates, it may seem like your electricity bill is much more complicated. Breaking down the price of heating and cooling your home all year round gets even more confusing when you factor in the price of the natural gas used in your furnace. But when you convert to all electric home heating and cooling equipment, it’s both simpler and more cost effective!

SMUD’s Time Of Use Rates

You’ve probably seen the commercials — in order to reduce demand for electricity during peak hours, SMUD is raising their rates from the hours of 5 PM to 8 PM during the weekdays in the summer months. This is the time most of us Californians tend to crank up our air conditioners, before it cools down for the evening. This certainly can raise your cooling costs in the summertime if you are using an inefficient air conditioner.

Fortunately, updating your home cooling equipment is now more affordable than ever, and when you electrify your home with the whole home experts at Brower Mechanical, you can significantly cut your heating and cooling costs all year round!

Why Go All Electric?

As we mentioned, summer electricity rates are going up. In addition, when you compare the rates of natural gas and other fossil fuels to electricity rates during the colder months, heating your home with a gas furnace or heater isn’t cheap!

Electrifying the appliances in your home can eliminate the volatile cost of natural gas and oil and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, SMUD is still offering huge rebates on newly installed electric equipment. It is not uncommon for Brower Mechanical customers to see thousands in savings from these SMUD Electrification rebates!

SMUD Rebates

When you total up all of the offered rebates from SMUD, the savings add up to $13,750! These cover home upgrades like:

  • Sealing and Insulating your home

  • Window upgrades

  • Energy Efficient heating and cooling systems

  • Gas-to-electric Conversions

You can learn more about the SMUD rebate details here.

Choose Your Savings

Imagine being able to drive your car to a gas station and pick which fuel to fill up with based on the price. You could use gas or electricity — whichever was cheaper. Now, imagine that you could do this when it came to heating and air conditioning your home.

In a recent episode of the Brower Power Hour, Duane Knickerbocker tells a story of a recent customer who was in need of a home energy upgrade. When Brower Mechanical took inventory of their home energy usage and what would be the most beneficial, they settled on what is called a dual fuel system. Dual fuel systems allow a homeowner to choose which fuel they would like to use for their heating needs, between electricity and natural gas, depending on the current rates.

After a rebate of around $400, it ended up costing a total of $700 to upgrade their system, and it reduced the heating bill by half, immediately! As long as this family can keep an eye on the rates of natural gas and electricity, they are guaranteed to pay the lowest price possible to heat their Sacramento home during the colder months.

Electrify Your Home With Brower Mechanical

The home performance specialists at Brower Mechanical have been keeping a very close eye on the rebate programs offered to SMUD customers. When you come to us to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, you can rest easy knowing we will pair your home with the perfect equipment, installation, and savings programs. If you’re looking to conserve energy here in Sacramento, Brower has the local expertise you need!

Start saving when you convert from gas to electric! Electrify your home with Brower Mechanical — call (916) 624-0808, or contact us today.

Prepare for the future of home comfort today.

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