solar panels on roof of home
July 14, 2015

In the last 5 days gas prices have risen over 50 cents per gallon in the Los Angeles area and experts are predicting that prices have not peaked quite yet. As a result of the whims of the oil industry and the fact that few residents refine their own crude oil they have no alternative but to write the check.

It’s worth noting how different we are in the Northern Sacramento and Placer County area. We pay some of the highest electric rates in the state and with very little notice those prices could do what gas prices have done and skyrocket. The same dynamics exist in that not all that many people have solar electric panels on their home. Not having these panels means that someone else is in charge of what you pay and you have decided that you like this system. We are not fans.

The government and the utility companies are actually conspiring to help you change the rules as you know them. You can become the producer and as a result you will rewrite the rules. You become the producer of the thing and gets you the power you have to have.  Power in this case means the actual electricity and the power of choice. Choosing what you will pay has a certain amount of power attached to it, don’t you think?

When the day comes that you want to change the balance of power give us a call. We are Brower Mechanical in Rocklin and we know how to make the rules work for you because they have worked against you long enough. Solar electricity means that you produce what you need and don’t need the electric company like you once did. If you are not sure how this fits with your lifestyle call Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808.