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July 7, 2015

No matter how good it gets, technology will always have its inherent limitations and we will have to learn to live with them. In fact, many of the experts say those limitations will get worse before they get better. We were hit with one of those limitations last week and we can tell you it was painful. So what to do?

Technology also has incredible upsides and we aren’t ready to abandon these advances anytime soon and doubt you are either. Wave Broadband had some of their lines vandalized last Tuesday morning and that vandalism knocked many companies out for the day. Brower Mechanical was one of dozens that spent the day without phones, internet or e-mail and this identified a problem. What happens the next time this is done and it will happen again?

This is much like your heater or air conditioner breaking down – it's not a question of if, but a question of when.

We are entering the arena of what is being called “Smart Homes”. This is when your home is connected to the internet and you can do things like:

  • Lock & Unlock Doors Remotely.
  • Enable & Disable Motion Sensors.
  • View & Listen To Anyone In hour Home.
  • Get Security Text Alerts.
  • Monitor Kids & Animals.
  • Interface With Home Entertainment.

Some of this is being done pretty seamlessly and some is hit and miss. With all of it you are sunk when you lose internet and that is a fact. That means you can wait until it’s perfect or venture in now. We suggest venturing in now. Electric cars aren’t perfect but they are getting really good and the same thing with Smart Homes. The quality it will bring is worth the minimal inconvenience!

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