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August 11, 2015

California leads not only the nation in climate change, in many ways we lead the world! We have been known as the Golden State for as long as we can remember and as a result of nuclear power plants, wind energy and solar energy we are now known as the Green State!

The fact is the California emits fewer greenhouse gasses for each dollar of economic activity than any place else. We have more electric cars than any other state or country and we lead the world in clean technology investments and we can also talk about a fast growing list of renewable power plants like the one in Wilton, the one in Elk Grove and the one near Aerojet which all produce solar-generated electricity. The result of these changes has lead to a 25 percent reduction in emissions on a per person basis as measured between 1990 and 2012.

We can also look at our local area and the changes that have happened right here when it comes to renewable energy. The Sacramento Valley is referred to as the Emerald Valley in our nation's capital. Largely because the residents of the Sacramento Valley are willing to embrace the idea of solar energy and conservation there have been studies on how to duplicate our results in other geographic areas of the state and nation. They are working to understand why we are willing to conserve, go solar and now even why we are so willing to install drought tolerant yards to save water.

What is your place in this equation? Are you just on the conservation end and want to save energy? Are you on the production end and want to produce energy with solar? Are you a little of both and want to reduce and then produce and make the largest possible impact? Whatever it is we can help! Call us at 916-624-0808.