blue solar panels on roof
May 7, 2015

It is sometimes hard for us to believe but there are still those who are willing to argue the reality and fit of Solar Power to Placer County. This is such a match that many people who look at it closely cannot get how well these are matched.

Possibly the biggest gift we have here in Placer are the electric rates that PG&E charge us on one hand and how receptive they have been to people who want to consider solar. Whenever we sit down with a Placer County PG&E customer who is paying $150 in an average month on electricity and they are willing to have an open mind, they are a great candidate to become part of the solution to the problems we face. When you add that person to the equation that includes a dwindling water supply we know they are almost there.

When I add the fact that they don’t need to take any money out of their pocket to get solar and they get a tax credit on top of that they want to know how soon we can get it installed.

Summer is only a few hours away when I look at the thermometer. It is early May and we have already gone past 90 degrees. 100 degrees is not far away. It is shaping up as an especially hot Summer and when you combine that with so little water in Folsom the reality is hot. The additional reality is not much hydroelectric power. These 2 facts together mean extreme demands on the electrical grid. The less power that PG&E has to buy and that we can produce the easier the summer will be. Got solar? Why not?

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