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The Rising Role of HVAC in the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana plants growing inside of a commercial building
December 21, 2017

If you’ve been following the marijuana industry here in California since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2016, then you may be aware that a major change to the industry is just around the corner. The state will soon begin issuing licenses for commercial cannabis activity, and that means more and more commercial growers are preparing their properties to support thriving marijuana growth indoors. Smart HVAC practices are going to be central in creating the right indoor environments for marijuana cultivation.

New Regulations for Commercial Cannabis Growers

Commercial marijuana cultivation is soon to hit a major boom, because starting on January 1, 2018, the state of California will begin issuing licenses for commercial cannabis activity. This includes a variety of license types for marijuana cultivation. The California Growers Association outlines the specifics of commercial licensing for California growers; but in general, growers can apply for a license with one of three California agencies: the Department of Public Health, the Department of Consumer Affairs, or the Department of Food and Agriculture. Growers will apply for a specific license type depending on how and where they will be cultivating (such as indoors or outdoors).

HVAC Challenges Posed by Indoor Marijuana Growth

Growers who are navigating how to grow large scale cannabis indoors face a variety of unique challenges posed by indoor marijuana growth. The marijuana plant needs a specific type of environment to thrive, and that means growers must artificially create just the right growing environment indoors.

In addition to perfecting indoor lighting conditions, growers must establish proper temperature, humidity levels, and airflow. This calls for smart HVAC practices that, together, create the ideal environment for marijuana growth. Here are just a few examples of unique HVAC challenges involved in indoor weed cultivation:

Controlling heat from lighting

The lighting required for marijuana growth releases high levels of heat. A high-efficiency cooling system is essential for keeping temperatures down in the 70- to 75-degree range during lighting periods. Some commercial growers believe that simply installing a huge HVAC system is the solution here; however, that could easily lead to very high utility bills — not to mention a breakdown that could cost you your entire crop. HVAC equipment must be properly sized for reliable climate control.

Maintaining proper humidity levels

The marijuana plant thrives at humidity levels of 50% to 60%. Watering can raise humidity levels to as high as 75%, so the HVAC system must work quickly to get humidity levels back down after watering.

Creating a natural breeze indoors

Proper airflow keeps indoor temperatures consistent and promotes stronger plant growth. This calls for special vents and ducts, which help create a natural breeze indoors. Those ducts must remain free of leaks in order to ensure balanced airflow and keep utility costs down. Mechanical ventilation, meanwhile, is important for ensuring better indoor air quality as air circulates.

Brower Mechanical: Your Trusted HVAC Contractor

If your commercial property has specific HVAC requirements, it’s important to completely seal your space first and then install mechanical ventilation. In other words, “seal it tight; vent it right.” This gives you precise control over your indoor environment. Whether you are a grower who is navigating how to grow weed commercially, or you are involved in a different industry with unique HVAC requirements, the experts at Brower Mechanical can help you with your commercial HVAC needs. With services like air sealing and insulation, we’ll ensure your space is buttoned up tightly. Then, we’ll help you fully automate your commercial space with energy efficient cooling, mechanical ventilation, and more.

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