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Small Solar Solutions That Work

ground mounted solar panel system
October 22, 2015

Our Mobile Energy Consultants talk to people daily about Solar Electricity and how it makes sense to install the smallest system possible to serve your needs.  Frequently our technicians will show someone how to install a system that is more than 50% smaller and saves you more money than a system twice its size.  We do that by using a whole house system.

            Many of the companies offering solar today were nowhere to be found 5 years ago and may not be around 5 years from now.  Brower Mechanical was around 35+ years ago and we aren’t going anywhere.  35 years ago we started as a heating & cooling company and learned in short order that people wanted comfort they could afford.  While technology allows us to get there in a different manner today we still have to get there.  We coined the phrase “Reduce Before You Produce” and what that means is that when your home works in an efficient manner you can install a smaller solar system because you actually need to produce less electricity.

            We worked with a family in Citrus Heights who was told by a solar only company he would need a 45 panel solar system to lower his electric bills by about 70%.  After we did some SMUD & PG&E rebate eligible energy upgrades on his home from we installed a 19 panel solar system that has saved him 83% on his electricity bills.  Buying the smaller system more than paid for the energy upgrades.  Our family got a $6,000 tax credit from the Federal Government for his solar system and over $8,600 in combined rebates from SMUD & PG&E.  Smaller solar saves you in more ways than one and our 35+ years in the Energy Conservation business shows that we know how to make it work.  Reduce Before You Produce, save money and gain comfort.

            Look to the Mobile Energy Professionals at Brower Mechanical to help you Reduce Before You Produce and make this a win-win for everyone.  For additional information call us at 916-624-0808 or visit