technicians working on solar install on roof
April 6, 2015

Here is an interesting fact that at first glimpse seems almost impossible. The solar industry employs more people than Facebook, Apple and Google combined – and as a direct result of research into what else is possible they are looking for more! The solar industry is not the last Gold Rush just the most recent.

Brower Mechanical became heavily involved in the solar revolution in 2007. It was then that (as poker players say) we went “All In!” That means our vice president started seeking out the true visionaries (there were very few then) and worked to separate fact from fiction. It seemed that everyone had an opinion about what best and where we were headed. We wanted the facts.

We got them! It was about that time the Sacramento Valley earned the nickname “The Emerald Valley” because we embraced green technology so tightly. We have that nickname in Washington D.C. today. In the process of seeking out the visionaries our vice president became one of them and is a frequent speaker on behalf of PG&E at national seminars.

Along with all this came the need for staffing. That staffing went well beyond installers. It included office staff, PV engineers, rebate and tax credit specialists, installers, manufacturers, truck drivers, electricians and additional support people including sales staff. These folks work to make all of this wonderful technology work together and enhance and improve our “California Way Of Life.”

Brower’s part in this employment picture includes hiring from our local community so we can serve our local community. Jeff Brower and Duane Knickerbocker both live and work here and they are here to stay. We promote from within and we look for people that have a service mindset and a willingness to learn and embrace new technology.

In the coming months and year we are all going to need to look at the very serious water issues we have and meet this challenge head on. Things like hot water recirculators, drought resistant plants and other emerging technology will become commonplace and mandatory. Brower will be there with solutions that allow you to live like you want and still fall within the new normal. As hydroelectric power becomes an unknown we all have to step up and conserve the resources we all rely on.

If Brower can help you with any of these areas just give us a call at 916-624-0808 or e-mail us at