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September 1, 2015

It has been a long hot summer! Back in May we met with a new customer in Rocklin who wanted an estimate to replace her home air conditioning system. She endured the summer last year, was not happy and vowed to not repeat that experience.

After we gave her our estimate for her home upgrade she was less than happy. She looked over the estimate and noticed the bid was for a lot less than expected after we didn’t quote a new system. We didn’t quote a new system for the simple reason she didn’t need one. Her system was producing about what a new system would produce and that told our comfort advisor to look somewhere else. He did and this is what he found to be the actual cause of her problem.

The first thing he found was the primary duct was leaking badly and that not only limited the cool air delivery it also forced the system to work harder than it should have needed to work. The next thing he found was a very limited amount of insulation and that allowed the cool air to leak soon after it was delivered. He also found attic air leaks and additional smaller duct leaks.

The homeowner was reluctant to say the least so here is what we told her. If our suggested repairs aren’t enough to keep her cool we will then replace the system and if that needed to happen we would move her to the front of the line. Long story short is that she is extremely comfortable, things are happening just like we predicted, she got rebates on much of the improvements we made, her system is more than keeping her cool and she is using the money she had budgeted for a new system and reallocating that money for a trip to Mexico.

If your system isn’t keeping pace give us a call. We know that the best and most economical system is one that doesn’t have to work hard and that happens because the house works like it was designed. Call our comfort team at 916-624-0808.