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Stop Your Bills from Skyrocketing When the Weather Gets Hot

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March 13, 2018

During the winter, you’re probably dreaming about warmer weather and then before you know it, spring flies by and it feels like the dog days of summer, regardless of what the calendar might say. For many homeowners, hot weather means constant air conditioning and high energy bills.

What can you do right now to prevent your bills from skyrocketing as soon as the temperatures outside rise?

Start Home Improvements with an Energy Audit

Apart from keeping the air conditioning thermostat set to 72 degrees — what are some other practical improvements for significantly reducing your bills while still keeping you comfortable?

The answer is: it depends.

Every home is different and recommending the same energy efficiency improvements for each one isn’t effective. The surest way to see exactly what your particular home needs and the improvements that would result in the highest return on investment is to start with an energy audit.


An energy audit consists of a complete analysis of your home to measure its performance. After an energy audit, you will receive a report of recommended solutions that will have the largest impact on improving energy efficiency, comfort, and home health.

Upgrades for Increased Home Energy Efficiency

Although there certainly isn’t one single way to ensure a reduction in your energy bills, the following are a few suggestions that most homes in the greater Sacramento area can benefit from:

  • Air Sealing & Insulation

Most homeowners mistakenly rely solely on their air conditioner to keep them cool during hot weather. Unfortunately, most air conditioners are unable to perform their duty effectively since hundreds of small gaps and cracks are constantly letting hot, outdoor air in while letting cool air out, as heat from the roof and attic makes its way into the living space.

The best way to prevent hot temperatures from disrupting your home comfort during the summer and influencing your energy bills is to keep heat out while keeping cool air in. Air sealing works to close up any tiny holes which allow outdoor air in and insulation prevents heat transfer.

Together, air sealing and insulation work to keep your home cooler when it’s hot out which results in greater comfort and lower cooling bills. These improvements can also extend the life of your air conditioner and result in fewer breakdowns.

  • HVAC Upgrades

Once your home is appropriately air sealed and insulated, a high-efficiency HVAC system can go a step further in reducing your energy bills. It’s important that regardless of how efficient your HVAC units are, they need to be properly sized for your home’s needs. If you have a forced air system, your ductwork also needs to be thoughtfully designed and appropriately sealed to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort.

  • Solar Installation

If you’re serious about saving on your energy bills and have taken appropriate measures to already reduce your home’s energy requirements, going solar is the final step. Installing a solar system will allow you to further shrink your bills or even eliminate them entirely. Using solar energy to power your home also provides increased energy independence and even greater environmental benefits.

Boost Energy Savings with Help from Brower Mechanical

Just because it’s starting to get warm outside doesn’t mean that your bills have to increase. The team at Brower Mechanical is here to help you control your energy bills year-round while making your home more comfortable. Our experts will work with you to find the right solutions for your home in Sacramento, Rocklin, and beyond.

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