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energy monitoring
August 22, 2015

A couple of years back a new electric meter was introduced called a “Time Of Use” meter. It allows for different pricing models based on when demand is the highest. If anyone has been to Disneyland recently you can imagine that charging more on busy days might make the crowds smaller and this is what has happened with electrical use habits.

Here is how maximizing the Time Of Use feature on your meter looks like. When you get done with dinner and you have cleaned up try starting the dishwasher when you go to bed. This is when demand is low and with a TOU meter so are your rates in many cases. The same goes for laundry and other such appliances.

During the middle of the day and later in the afternoon is when you will typically be running your home comfort system, pool and anything else that you must run at that time. By running only those items you must run you will only pay the highest rates on things you have to and save the rest for when it costs less to buy. This is part of the magic of technology.

We even sell a thermostat that learns your patterns and can heat and cool based on what it learns. It is called the ecobee and you can program it from any smart phone or computer. It allows you the maximum in flexibility and predictability. It is seriously affordable and gives you the control you need.

At Brower Mechanical we have spent the last 35 years on the cutting edge in the areas of energy conservation and alternative energy production. Solar, wind and geothermal are just a few of the areas we have worked with and when it comes to energy conservation we do them all. If you want to create your own energy or save on what you already consume give Brower Mechanical a call at 916-624-0808.