What Is Freon & Why Is It Important?

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May 29, 2018

Temperatures are quickly climbing here in Rocklin, California, and that has many homeowners in the area already cranking up their air conditioners. If you’re one of those homeowners, perhaps you’ve noticed that your air conditioner just doesn’t seem to have the cooling power that it used to. This could be a sign of low Freon, or refrigerant, levels in your air conditioner.

Freon: A Key Part of Your Air Conditioner

Freon is a colorless gas that’s responsible for creating the cool air put out by your air conditioner. Though the word “Freon” technically refers to an older type of refrigerant (or coolant) used in air conditioners manufactured before 2003, it is often used more generically to refer to any type of refrigerant used in air conditioners. So whether your air conditioner uses Freon or a newer type of refrigerant, we will refer to the refrigerant in your air conditioner as “Freon” for the purposes of this article.

Why It’s Important to Monitor Your AC Refrigerant

Your air conditioner does not “use up” Freon; rather the Freon is constantly cycled through your AC system to create the cool air that keeps your home comfortable. This means that you typically do not need to replace the Freon in your air conditioning system unless there is a Freon leak. Like oil in your car, if you need to constantly add fresh oil, there is probably an issue that needs to be addressed.

If your AC system does develop a Freon leak, make sure to have an HVAC specialist repair the leak and recharge the system as soon as possible. Otherwise, your air conditioner is going to blow nothing but warm air into your home! Even if your air conditioner doesn’t have a Freon leak, it’s a good idea to schedule annual maintenance for your AC system to keep a leak from happening down the road.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Freon?

Need to replace the Freon in your AC system? You should always hire a professional who has the licensing and experience necessary to recharge your system. How much it costs to replace the Freon in your air conditioner largely depends on the size of the Freon leak and the type of Freon your system uses. Repairing a Freon leak can cost anywhere from $225 to $1,600, while recharging the system can cost anywhere from $160 to $400. If you have an older unit that uses a scarcer and therefore more expensive type of refrigerant, it may be more cost-effective to replace your AC equipment instead.

Brower Mechanical: Your Air Conditioning Specialists

If you’re in the greater Sacramento area and think there may be a Freon leak in your system, consult our AC specialists who can give you an accurate estimate for your system. We’ll perform a check-up on your system, diagnose the issue, and outline your best options for keeping your home cool and comfortable while saving money.

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