Is that carbon monoxide I don't smell?

Carbon Monoxide, Brower Home Power Hour, CA
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 9am

Carbon Monoxide. The silent killer. And it lurks in every home. Before going any further be sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working in your home. Replacing the batteries at the time change for fall and spring is a really good habit to get into. For your sake and the sake of your family, do it. Now, more about that nasty gas your house belches out in so many more ways than you ever knew. If you cook with gas, there are small amounts of carbon monoxide coming off the stove. Woodburning fireplace? Carbon monoxide for sure. Old school home with dated furnace exhaust? There it is again. These are all very low levels but you'll not be around to find out if it gets to a high level. Hence, the detector. This is just one of the reasons you'll want Brower Mechanical to come out to your home and do a complete home energy audit. You may be considering solar to minimize other energy bills, this is a way to find out several things about what's going on in your living environment. Hosts Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker get into the healthy home, fresh air ventilation systems, and simple energy fixes to take one step at at a time. Call Brower Mechanical now @ 916-624-0808, on line at And be sure that Carbon Monoxide detector is quietly at work in your home too!

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