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Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 11am

Get a free diagnosis on your home's energy issues with a Clipboard Audit

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small open today's show with the significance of Public Service Power Shutoffs as we enter into the fire season in the region. The conversation takes you into the values of a clipboard audit, the CBA, to get your home right as the calendar seasons begin to change. Heat outside is one good reason to do so to keep your home cooler in the summer but as we transition into the cooler outside temperatures, the opposite is true. Maybe your home is well-shaded and comfortable in the heat, but it’s tough to escape the cold. Now is a good time to get your clipboard audit done. It’s free, it’s comprehensive and it gives you the road map to the proper steps to take to minimize your energy waste.

Your Electric Bill After Solar...

Do solar panels mean no utility bills? Usually not! Don’t be fooled into thinking panels or tons of panels on a roof mean no bills. There are many factors that come into play. The case story is wrapped around two homes of similar size with a whopping 20-panel difference on the roofs. If you’re giving thought to solar, this segment alone may save you thousands! This bounces you right back to the values of the free clipboard audit. And the answer is yes, the audit alone could save you money.

Should You Upgrade Your HVAC Before Selling Your Home?

So… think about this. Why would you suffer through the summer with no A/C only to get it repaired when you sell the home? That’s the situation today’s caller; an Interesting situation, and of course a good result. You’ll enjoy the story.

Water Heater Rebates from SMUD

Closing out this week’s show, the discussion turns to water heaters. If you’re a natural gas user, this is especially key for you to hear. You’ll learn why your natural gas bills may be going up and some opportunities you may have to lessen the impact on your wallet. You’ll also hear how SMUD is going to give you a huge rebate to make the transition to an electric water heater and save money with no real spend difference upfront. The details of the rebate and the values will take you down the path to cutting your water heating expense in half. This same technology is also applicable to your home furnace. The explanation is of great value if you’re in that phase of your home’s energy equipment.

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