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Celebrate Your Independence From Home Energy Expense!

Brower Home Power Hour, Celebrate Your Independence From Home Energy Expense!, CA
Saturday, July 2, 2016 - 10am

Freedom is a great feeling especially when it's related to a regular expense that is unpredictable. But did you know there are ways to not only get home energy expense predictable but reduced to virtually zero? Listen in as your host Bill Small talks with Duane Knickerbocker of Brower Mechanical about the myriad of ways you can reduce your high energy cost, strategically earn utility rebates and even get your home cooled down now with no payments for one year (on your good credit of course!). You'll even hear from an actual customer about her journey thru the solar investigation process about why she chose Brower Mechanical and the unbelievable outcome she has experienced as a result of their commitment to doing the job right. To learn more about Brower Mechanical and how they're generating energy Independence this fourth of July and beyond call 916-624-0808 or visit "". With the money you save you'll be cooking steak and tri-tip next year instead of hot dogs for your Independence day BBQ!

Or Deeply Reduced - Rebates & Tax Credits Available