Cold beer and hot showers. It’s that time. It’s that simple!

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Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 11am

What to do in a Public Service Power Shutoff

OK…we’re into the heat of the summer. What’s important? Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss some of the key elements of what to expect with the new PSPS, Public Service Power Shutoffs. And as you know, this weekend was a test of the system with power shutoffs due to the high winds. What can you do to prevent significant gaps in your energy usage and loss of those things you care about most? Your food. (… or your beer!) There are options.

What's the value of a whole house fan?

Whole house fans are always a hot topic of discussion. This show is no exception, providing great dialogue regarding the value the whole house fan to reduction of energy consumption. They work great for some. Not all. Are you a supporter of whole house fans? You’ll learn more by listening to this segment.

HVAC + Solar + Solar Batteries

Next, hear from a caller that’s returning to Brower for a solar system with battery backup after a complete HVAC replacement. Something must have gone right! And she’s even getting the same tech out to her home again. Over a year later! Now that’s pretty remarkable. All that and more …

Closing up the show is a quick conversation about the teeny tiny solar club. If you're not familiar, give a listen, as it's the story of homeowners who have been able to go with less solar panels to accomplish their goals and save big! Always fantastic stories to hear.

Healthy Home upgrades

Hardly a show goes by where the attic isn’t a topic of discussion. You’ll hear a great upgrade case study that was critical, as the homeowner suffered from a disease that made him sensitive to temperature swings. The outcome included huge rebates on his total investment that could have easily been overlooked by other companies. Not Brower! Everything was completed, including the rebates, by the Brower team.

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