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Continuing Education on Energy Information!

Continuing Education on Energy Information, Brower Mechanical, Sacramento, CA
Sunday, January 8, 2017 - 5pm

An Energy Exploratorium? How cool is that? You can actually dig in and really up your awareness and knowledge of what it takes to properly address your home's energy systems, usage and efficiencies to create the healthiest living environment for you and your family. Only Brower Mechanical provides the opportunity to educate and inform on the tools and processes necessary to get your home to it's most efficient state through the use of the proper tools to help you decide on your best solar options, your best investment options and your most efficient options. Doesn't it make sense to reduce your energy costs BEFORE you invest in solar? Listen closely as Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker describe, in detail, what you can find at the Energy Exploratorium, how best to go about getting an audit and how you can use the HERO programs to finance your energy upgrades, including solar, and get the greatest rebates by doing it all correctly. It's only Brower Mechanical that can get this all together for you under one roof, one point of contact one simple and easy to understand report. Call Duane today... yes really, it's his cell phone, 916-824-1295 or visit on-line at

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