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Does your home sip or guzzle juice?

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Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 1pm

Oh boy. Today’s show gets a little forward thinking by identifying ways that energy companies can monitor your activity for the benefit of your wallet. Information is power and in this case that power is literal! It’s your power bill, your energy bill. Knowing how you’re using energy gives you the information you need to save money. And that’s what the utility companies are hoping to accomplish with 3rd party monitoring. They’ll even pay YOU to participate! The end result is you save money and in learning how to do so, you even get paid. That’s a great deal. Good for all.

Knowing the relationship to solar panels and the size of your home, you can really save money on solar and invest it in other options to help you save both money and have a more comfortable living environment. “Just right” solar is the way to go once you’ve gone through the reduce before you produce process.

It’s one thing to save a bunch of dough but what if you also got rebates as a result? How do you know what you’re entitled to? You’ll hear the answers in today’s show.

Thermostats can range from complex to the most basic and simple. Guess what? When your house is sealed tight and operating right, do you really need all the gizmos? Is there a simpler way? Of course there is. You don’t have to have the latest greatest operating systems if your home is truly efficient. A simple on off temperature thermostat could suffice and still keep your home running right. If all you’re doing is setting and forgetting, that’s perfectly fine.

Did you know you can actually get a guarantee for your homes’ energy consumption and outcome on a monthly basis? New or existing homes, older homes, can be brought up to the most efficient levels and can rival new construction. You can be as comfortable in your existing home as the newest homes being built today. There is a way and it starts by making a call....
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