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Does your refrigerator run better on solar power or utility power? Hmmm…

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Sunday, November 17, 2019 - 10am

Where to Start with Home Energy?

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small open the conversation with our incredible, albeit dry, weather of late. Wow. Who needs air conditioning or heat in paradise, right? Well, the show really is all about home energy so a slight regression occasionally is perfectly OK. So you know something needs to be done, where it is you begin. What do you do? Where and when do you start? You’ll hear this time and time again, get a complimentary clipboard audit. Learn what you need to consider. Are you a good candidate for the idea you have to address your home’s energy needs? In other words, don’t do solar first! Start with an assessment. And then learn your options with rebates. You have many ways to go. You’ll hear it all here.

Ready for solar - Read This

I’ll bet you didn’t think your fridge, TV or any device in your home might notice a difference in how it gets power…or did you? Well, it doesn’t matter. Electricity is electricity. Doesn’t matter where it comes from. Now, if solar has been a consideration for you, this is the time to get a clipboard audit. Determine what your true need is going to be, what you can do to minimize the number of panels, and maybe move towards ordering solar to take advantage of the full tax credit benefits in 2019. Next year it is even less. Give it some serious thought and make that decision today, before it’s too late to get it installed. And if PG&E is still making you nervous, there’s always generator power to consider. Hear how proper wiring makes the process so much easier.

When a Generator is What You Need

Today's caller is right in line with what you might expect from a generator call given the recent power shutoffs. You’ll notice he’s quite aware of what he needs. This is very impressive at the consumer level and you can be sure he’ll get the best results, given his particular situation. Yes, this particular homeowner is a victim of recent power shutoffs and is concerned about what’s going to happen going forward. He’s even got specific goals that he’s looking to meet. A very good call indeed.

Before the Tax Credit Changes - Go Solar + Battery Backup

So, if you’re giving consideration to solar before the tax credit changes, you’re going to want to seriously consider battery backup as well. They’re both eligible for the credit when you do it right. And that’s the key consideration. How much backup and energy you need on the front side of it all is a big question.

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