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Electric guitars, electric cars… where’s this all going?

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Sunday, August 18, 2019 - 3pm

Warning: Fun show ahead. Well, you’re not going to really find much out about electric guitars but you will hear about why electric cars are becoming more and more significant to our environment. And you’ll hear an incredible story about a Brower employee who is taking older window units from homes being upgraded and bringing them to people in need and installing them to help them stay just a bit cooler. He’s doing this on his own simply as a service to help. That’s pretty neat or actually, darn cool!

Researching Technology? Listen to this before you shop!

As the show progresses, you’ll hear from a caller, with what is nicknamed the www casualty. He’s done the research on the internet and found out that a particular technology may be most efficient to pulling the heat down from 90-100. And he’s correct but it will only work to cool to about 80-85. Not what most would consider comfortable. Duane explains that situation as it’s not an uncommon occurrence.

What Will the Future of Energy Consumption Bring?

Flex alerts, PSPS, smart meters, battery backup… you never heard any of these things 10 years ago. Heck, electric cars were barely on the radar. Hear the explanation of many of these terms as they relate to your energy consumption. They’re all behavioral electrical manipulation and we sure hope for the greater good. Smart meters, talking to smart home appliances, talking to you telling you what’s going on…and of course the utility as well. Really neat stuff to look forward to. A glimpse into the future that’s here today. 

Make a Plan for Home Energy Consumption

Knowing this all really dictates the need for a plan for your home energy consumption. Think about one of your on-going expenses. Home energy expense is a monthly variable expense every single month. You budget for it as it isn’t going away so why not get a plan together that gives you the most clarity possible? Let somebody who knows something about it, help.

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