Energy Savings: Hear it from a home energy HERO!

Energy Savings: Hear it from a Home Energy HERO, Brower Home Power Hour, CA
Sunday, January 29, 2017 - 9am

OK, you've been listening to the show regularly and you hear about all the great home energy upgrades you can make, Reduce before you Produce to save on solar panels, seal your attic to minimize the dust and create a more efficient air flow. Improve the the air in your home creating a more comfortable living environment, a healthier living environment for sure. And then, you may even be a candidate for solar once you've laid out your home energy plan. Seems simple. And it is when you're working with Brower BUT, now you have to pay for it. How? Well, listen as Duane and Bill speak with their guest Robert Bendorf from the HERO program, your Home Energy Renovation Opportunity. You'll love how easy and simple it is to get your projects financed with no need for credit apps or proof of income. This is a show where notes aren't a bad idea! Who would have thought you would get all that in less than an hour? For more details, call 916-824-1295. On line at

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