A guarantee on your energy bill? C’mon...

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Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 1pm

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small open on a really high note today as Duane shares the recognition by PG&E for their home performance success. It’s all about saving energy and Brower Mechanical is a leader in the process.

All about Whole House Fans

The shift from home energy successes to whole house fans is one not to be missed. This is one of the best seasons to consider a whole house fan but know the value and the challenges they can present. And yes, you can have Brower give you a guarantee on your utility bill for the foreseeable future. How about that if you’re on a fixed income? It’s all in a jam packed segment.

Oversizing A/C units

Why do so many builders and HVAC firms do it? You’ll learn more when you listen but the bottom line on this is that the efficiency of your home, not the A/C unit, is what’s important. 62% is one of the low points in efficiency which means you’re wasting 38% of that cooling. How could that be? Just a couple of simple reasons. But don’t rush out and buy a new A/C unit. Don’t oversize. Get things right. Your air conditioning unit needs to run to reach its’ most efficient operation. You’ll use less energy with a smaller system running longer than a bigger system running less. Now that’s a concept that’s not familiar. Learn more when you listen to the discussion.

How to finance energy upgrades?

Did you know there are ways to help you finance the energy upgrades you’re looking for? And that you can also use these same opportunities for commercial use as well? Like multifamily dwellings. Hear what Derek from Ygrene has to say and how you’ll not even need to do a credit app to make it happen!

So what the heck is PSPS?

You’ll hear that acronym in home energy circles more and more but it means Public Service Power Shutoff. And that is a clear description that you’re not going to have power. Period. One hour or maybe even up to one week. Hear the guys discuss variations in proper sizing for A/C and solar installations and how they correlate to the correct size of battery system for backup… or generators, or even other options. You may want to consider these if you live in an area with high likelihood of PSPS activity. This is key information and the one place to get it all remains the same.

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