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Home energy and trash can speakers

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Sunday, September 15, 2019 - 3pm

Listen as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small talk about some of the fun things the Brower team comes across on a regular basis as they work in customers’ yards. And yes, trash can speakers really are incredible. And yes, there are even videos that you can watch to help prevent a visit that could cost you a service fee.

Electrify Everything Update

How is electrification changing in the home energy realm? It’s significant and the technology is actually providing opportunities to lower your utility bills. And does it make a difference when you need alternative power? Maybe during a PSPS? Battery backup with solar, generators both short and long term?

Uncomfortable Indoors? We Can Fix That

The caller in today’s show was, we’re pleased to say, a referral from a neighbor. But the issue was pretty severe and making the home uncomfortable with indoor temps over 85 degrees. An obvious description was helpful in getting the home set for the techs when they arrived, likely giving them a little more opportunity to get things done sooner. It’s also a good heads up to say take a look at what your system is doing now, before the season hits.

Make Service Maintenance Easy With A Subscription!

So it may seem a bit early to talk about revitalizations, but really, now is the best time to have everything done early. You’ll save money, get more comfortable and really enjoy your home more. Before the rush. And learn all about the value of a subscription to a monthly fee that minimizes the inconsistencies of service a couple of times a year. The money to be saved should more than offset the minimal investment.

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