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Home Energy Concerns? Ask an Expert…a real one!

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Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 10am

Your hosts immediately get into reflection of a seminar they recently attended that was focused on home energy upgrades, solar and home energy efficiency. What took place and what occurred will surprise you. Both Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small stay laser focused on those things you can do to improve the energy consumption of your home’s systems.

Today’s second segment moves the discussion into battery backup and how it can impact your home in the event of blackout, power failures or intentional shutdowns. This is a big concern for many of you in PG&E territory. It can even supplement power to your home if solar is inclusive as it will power the home while power is out and extend the length of time you can run on your own system. This is a great option for anyone concerned about the utility service to their home. It’s all customizable to your particular interest and budget. It’s worth the exploration if you think these are an option for you. You can find “Ways to pay and save on Home Energy” and the “Home heating and cooling Cheat Sheet” on Just click and get. Simple. You’ve effectively asked the expert!

What do any, likely all, utilities say about the “right” steps to maximize your home before going solar? View it on the site itself or simply visit your own utility to see how they address the opportunity to add solar. Or NOT! You may not even need solar to meet your objectives. The case study of a 2300 SF home with 36 solar panels is a great example. Compare that to a Brower energy optimized home with only 13 panels to accomplish the same objective. 23 panels difference. That alone is a $23000 difference! Could there be an opportunity to upgrade many of the home’s energy systems for the same or less cost? The net result would most often be the same or better. This should be a no-brainer.

Lastly, what is it about all this “electrification” any way? Depending on your utility, home performance could really be something you want to look deeper into. Like changing from gas to electricity with your cooktop, your water heater, your furnace. What really makes it impactful is the availability of rebates that you won’t know exist until you look into it and have your home assessed. Many of the projects Brower does are returning $10,000 in rebates alone. Don’t waste any more time thinking about it. These rebates don’t last forever. Now is a good time to act. Call Brower Mechanical today @ 916-765-9021 or visit There’s so much there for you to work with.

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