Home energy rules apply whether generator or solar power. Class is in session.

girl in the dark with laptop during power outage
Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 11am

How to get ahead of any power outage

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small share a little humor about the more controllable outages...like when a car or truck takes out a power pole. It’s still an inconvenience, it’s still no power but more often than not, the power is back on within hours. So, are generators something you still want to consider? Of course. Any power outages are covered with a generator regardless of the cause. And we’re still not out of the woods with PSPS so why not get ahead of it?

How do you make money with your home’s efficiency?

By now you probably know the details of what the guys talk about. Make sure your home is efficient first…then do your upgrades. With all the interest in generators, guess what? You’re going to need a much larger generator to run an inefficient home. Get your house right with energy upgrades FIRST! And your generator requirements are going to be reduced. A smaller generator means less expense! That’s the way to do it right, keep your lights on in a power failure and save a lot of money. Plus, you’ll earn a rebate as well. That’s doing things right. The case study Duane shares is one you’ll appreciate as it addresses this issue and saved the family $5000 on the cost of the generator as a result of downsizing. Quite surprising.

Concerned about Power Shutoffs? Listen in...

The caller in this segment lives cross country and was very concerned about what was happening with the power shutoffs and what steps he could take to mitigate the concerns he had for his home in PG&E territory. He also was well aware of his need and what his options might be for power all or mostly all of his home. The ensuing conversation is spot on with his comments.

Building Energy Efficient Homes

So, a Brower Mechanical home energy upgrade tends to be more efficient than many of the new homes being built today. However, as Duane visits new home subdivisions regularly, there is one builder he’s come across that does an outstanding job on energy efficiency. Hear who that is and what some of the tactics they use to make their homes better sealed and more efficient.

If you want to learn what you can do it insure the most efficient power for your home, give the energy experts at Brower Mechanical a call. 916-624-0808

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