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Hot-Cold, Cold-hot season changes… now what and when?

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Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 10am

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small dive right into the conversation with value. How do you know where to start? Begin with a free clipboard audit. That’s the answer. You’ll immediately know about your rebate options, your HVAC needs, your energy upgrade potential and it’s all free. And it WILL save you money! Guaranteed.

What you need to know before getting backup power

In this segment, the guys shed light on details that are now occurring between local communities and jurisdictions to get a permit to install a generator. If you’re not ahead of the curve proactively, you could be caught short with no power in the event of a PSPS or any other power outage. A good reminder is that battery backup is an option that is tax-advantaged along with your solar installation. Reference back to the free clipboard audit to make the determination that is best for your particular application. It’s important to note that all the utilities are focused on more electrification. As a result, you want to be sure you cover all the options in your assessment and that means knowing what you see in your home in the not too distant future.

Now's the time for an HVAC check-up

Now is that special time of year for heating and cooling, back and forth and you’ll hear a fun phone call with somebody questioning their HVAC system operations. Probably one of the most entertaining callers we’ve had on the show in some time. What it reminds us though is that as we approach the fall season, it’s time to consider revitalizing your system. And when days are hot and nights are cool, you can actually give both systems a solid check-up and revitalize them. Too cold out, it’s just the heater. Too warm out and it’s just the A/C. So, just like Goldilocks, now is the time that’s just right.

Want a healthier, more efficient home?

Closing out the show, the discussion moves into a bit of future speak and how artificial intelligence has entered the home energy category as well. Not just consumption of energy but actual home health and how it impacts the people living there. Believe it or not, one surprising benefit of a home energy upgrade that many of the consumers comment on is that things got quieter. Pretty interesting and it’s because noise follows air. Air carries sound! How about that for a physics lesson? All in an effort to get your home more efficient and healthier. There are ways to manage the air in your home to get it to be the best it can be. This stuff really works and to find out how it can really work for you!   

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