How's your home's appetite? How about an energy pie?

How's your home's appetite? How about an energy pie?, Brower Mechanical, Sacramento, CA
Sunday, February 5, 2017 - 9am

Yes, it is Superbowl Sunday and one of the benefits of blogging for the show after it airs is that the outcome of the game is also confirmed so congrats to all you Patriots fans! Nicely done. For most of us it was an entertaining, exciting and exhilarating game. Unless of course your home was so uncomfortable you couldn't enjoy yourself. Too hot, too cold, too stuffy with all the guests? That's an opportunity for home science to remedy and nobody is better at it than Duane Knickerbocker. Listen to hear how your home may be scarfing down the appetizers and the main course with overconsumption of energy and inefficient operation. Find out what the energy pie is all about when Duane and Bill describe the appropriate slices and sizes for a healthy share. Revisit the values of a clip board audit and how to reduce before you produce when considering solar. A great game follows a great show. The difference between the two is that everyone tuning into the Brower Home Power Hour leaves, a winner. Not so much one of the teams and fans of the SuperBowl! For more details on how you can maximize the efficiency of your home, call 916-824-1295 today. Or visit on line at

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