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It's Abe's birthday. Honest!

It's Abe's Birthday. Honest!, Brower Mechanical, CA
Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 9am

Seriously, it is Abe Lincolns birthday today. And one of his character traits was honesty, hence the nickname, Honest Abe. How honest do you think many of the vendors out there are when they're in your home and working on your home energy systems? Unfortunately, honesty has become a valued trait in business today as a result of the many bad characters out there just trying to sell you something. Like Abe, that's not the case with Brower Mechanical. And like Abe, at Brower, education is paramount. Whether it be on-line webinars, CHERP evening meetings or in home education, it's all about learning what's going to be best for YOU. Every values in home comfort differently and that's why you'll get more questions before answers when working with a representative from Brower. Know your energy triangle of Healthy-Comfortable-Affordable. Not sure what that means, well listen up then! All that and more are in today's Brower Home Power Hour. For more information, you can also call 916-824-1295 or visit the website

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