It’s Father’s Day, keep Dad cool… but how?

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Sunday, June 16, 2019 - 10am

What are your options in a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

PSPS. No, that’s not a super-secret, it’s a Public Safety Power Shutoff and before we get into “Cool Dads”, first a few of the public service announcements. Listen in as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss the impacts and process of what happens when the power is shutoff and how it affects you and your home comfort. It’s a big deal and you do have options in the event the outage takes place. You’ll hear about some of those options, and what they could look like in today’s show. Did you know there are high fire areas/cities that you can identify on line? These are the same cities that are most likely for a PSPS when the weather gets hot and the wind’s get high. Flex alerts are another option the utilities exercise to pull power consumption back in high demand periods. There’s a great case study here that gives you an idea of expectations and capabilities based on the needs of the consumer.

New Homeowner Home Performance

Louise, a new homeowner, encounters some interesting challenges here with her purchase and she knows who to call. Of course, she reaches out to Brower and gets a whole lot more than she expected. What is it? New roof? Solar? Attic sealing? Ductwork? Find out what some of her issues were and questions she asked. You may have the same concerns. And then, you’ll have some answers!

Find out how you can reduce your Radiating Heat!

Thermostat settings are all over the place for comfort as you’ll hear from a local newscast poll. Shocking is what you’ll find in the discrepancy. Swings from 68 to 82. Here’s what’s important, it’s not the room temp as much as it is the surface areas of the home. How’s that for a surprise? Well, radiating heat makes a huge difference and there’s one way to fix that unwanted radiated heat without needing a new HVAC system. It’s fixable for much less investment than new equipment.

Find out what your options not only are but actually should be to save the most on your energy costs. Call Brower Mechanical @ 916-624-0808 or visit them on line at

And by all means, keep dad cool!

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