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It’s the time of year again for “that smell”. Ewww, that smell.

woman at home reacting to a bad smell
Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 1pm

What's the furnace smell?

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small start with some fun that occurs on a regular basis when the team is out on a service call. There were so many unique observations they started a YouTube channel and share what they see on their Facebook posts. Funny stuff. Maybe even something you could apply in your home too! And then it gets a bit more relative with a discussion of “that smell” when your furnace fires up for the first time in the season. Not to worry, it’s just dust burning off from sitting all summer long. BUT, run your furnace now while it’s still warmer out and let it burn that dust off. That way when you really need it, you won’t be having to smell “that smell” when you’re using it to heat the home.

More smells? Schedule a Free Clipboard Audit

Now, that’s one smell. But there is another smell you may be sensing. Do you hear scratching at night, or have an occasional stench? It’s likely a dead mouse in the attic or wall. Kind of nasty. The answer is to move them to another hotel on your block and the solution is bantered back and forth by your show hosts. It’s fixable but better to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. A clipboard audit will disclose the problem and if you’re concerned about your health, don’t you think it’s worth it?

Fixed Time Appointments - Surprising, right?!

Oh my, the calls of late have been good but this is one you’ll really appreciate. For this caller, it was a fixed time that really surprised him. I think we all agree, we would prefer a live person and a set appointment vs a recording and a window of time. You can pretty much expect that live person when you call Brower and depending on your need, you can also get a fixed time. That’s how business should be done.

Whole-Home Solutions - One Contractor

So what actually happens when you make a decision for a major upgrade? Are you trying to manage the project with the generator guy, the electrician, solar guy, the HVAC person, the cable company, the pool guy, oh, and not to forget the roofing guy? C’mon. That’s crazy!

Brower actually handles it all for you. Let Brower be your support team and the general contractor you need to keep it together. It will save you money and saving you $$$ is something you also want to be aware of. I’m talking about the solar tax credit. You’ve heard they’re scaling it back in 2020 so why not hustle to get it done? You’ll want to be sure you’re all set by Thanksgiving with your plans or you’re not going to make it in time. The solar must be installed by the end of the year to get the tax credit. And the rebates? What rebates, you ask? Well, who to call to be sure??? Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808

Or Deeply Reduced - Rebates & Tax Credits Available