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Less Energy? How about NO ENERGY? PG&E activates PSPS. What to do…

woman at home surrounded by lit candles because the power is out
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 9am

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small dig into the nature of the PSPS recently activated by PG&E. Hear them discuss the nature of the questions fielded by Brower Mechanical as the power began to shut down. Who did what? How did people prepare? What happened to those not well prepared? What were some of the actions people took to maintain the most important elements of the PSPS?

Recap: Preparing for a Public Safety Power Shutoff

In a very rare instance, the second segment today is a replay from last week, just a few days prior to the first big Public Safety Power Shutoff, unbeknownst to all concerned. It was a well-timed interview giving tips, instruction and updates on the information PG&E is providing. The discussion covers literally, many of the elements of what just took place in the week prior. It’s a prophetic discussion and deals with the updates, prep and expectations a customer can have in the event of a PSPS. It’s a valid discussion that you’ll want to take notes on to be sure you’re prepared the next time around. It’s an interesting conversation given we’ve got very recent history to compare notes on the good, the bad and the ugly.

All About Home Backup Generators and Batteries

Generators start the conversation of this segment helping homeowners understand the values of what a generator can and cannot do. Too many people have unrealistic expectations of what can be done and how. Get an idea of pricing for some of the elements that can help run your home in the event of a power shutoff. Duane discusses the details and some of the challenges he saw this time around that homeowners did not prepare for. It’s not all about generators either. Battery backup if you have solar is another outstanding option. That part of the discussion carries into the final segment of today’s show. Good to know there are choices for you to make the best decision to fit your needs.

Energy Efficiency Before Going Solar+Storage

Closing out the show, battery backup is an excellent addition to a solar system but you have to understand what the process should be to be as efficient as possible. This is a great choice and even more important if you are considering solar, what should you do to be certain battery backup remains an option? So you’re wondering how does all of this come together and what might the cost be? Got you covered there too. Duane talks about what you can expect for pricing in the event you’re looking at batteries to back up your solar.

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