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The new look of electricity for your home .... shocking!

brower power hour, brower mechanical, CA
Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 9am

Join your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small as todays conversation compares the way things have been in home utility for the past 40 years to where we’re headed. Has the technology kept up to the same degree that the automotive industry has? One look around at panels on roofs tells that story. A house with old solar looks pretty darn much the same as a new house with solar. But a Tesla by comparison to a car even 5 years old, well, that’s a different story and that’s the story today’s show tells.

The good news is looks aren’t everything. Smart Meters can tell a great story for your energy consumption and you hardly know they’re there. Your behavior in the home dictates the energy usage and each home is uniquely different. Again, while not visible, software is now tracking everything that consumes energy and has the ability to help homeowners adjust the way things are operated. Special software is now available to PG&E customers for free from Brower Mechanical. It’s a great first step to developing your home energy plan. Knowledge is everything and the more you know how energy is impacting your expense, the more likely you’ll be able to do something about it and bring your home into the 21st century. If you’re familiar with the show, you know about the Clip Board Audit. It’s a Brower original that gives you an overall analysis of your home to help you begin the process of identifying a home energy plan or update. If nothing else, you’ll learn how you’re consuming energy and what you can do to minimize consumption to save money. That’s definitely a step toward the future!

There are many ways to minimize your utility costs and if you’re uncertain about how all this energy detail works, you’ll learn by reaching out to those who know. Give Brower Mechanical a call today. 916-624-0808. On line

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