New year, new energy! Are you ready?

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 11am

So you’ve weathered the holidays, you made it through PSPS, and put an end to both a year and a decade. Phew! But now it’s time to get real again. Time to get your house in order and be prepared for anything. Hot, Cold, power or no power. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, start with the clipboard audit to tee up the year right. Home performance is everything. With the new year, get a plan put together that you can act on and take advantage of all the benefits.

New Homes = No Gas

Did you hear that there is a possibility that new homes may not have gas lines connected to them, by law! Yes, California is pushing the issue and it’s not just net zero. Hear what that’s all about and how the code is mandating it. This is a big deal and will impact all new construction, possibly even commercial buildings. And if your home is not new, you can still get to net zero as well. That’s all in the discussion this segment and one that couldn’t be more informative.

Clipboard Audit and Beyond

Looking for long term solutions to your home energy needs? There is a great caller here who has been keeping track of his family’s carbon footprint for 10 years. This is somebody who is aware of home energy consumption and its’ environmental impact. He’s describing, in detail, what he’s looking for. Now here is a great candidate for at the very least, a clipboard audit. Better yet, he would likely appreciate a full energy audit. Hear how the discussion continues into some of the elements and his next steps. This is one of the more informed callers that come into the show.

New Year, New Home

Closing out the first show of the new year, the real question is, does your new year resolution include improving your home’s efficiency? What does energy independence really look like? Fixing the effect of the construction slop is what getting the home “right” means. And then evaluate your options, of which there are many. This also includes consideration for generator power if you’re in that area. Be sure to start the year right by calling Brower Mechanical and getting your energy expense in-line with what your goals are.

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