No bunnies, but big Brower is hoppin' in to reduce your utility expense!

easter basket
Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 1pm

Happy Easter! And in an oddity of sorts, it's also April fools day. Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small have some good info in the show today that you can use as water cooler fodder. Like what percentage of people actually pull an April fool joke on somebody. You'll be surprised. After a little light hearted entry to the essence of the show, you'll learn about the value and savings you can realize from 
Dual fuel systems to heat and cool your home. Or how about the top three questions people ask about when it comes to home energy? I'll give you them:
What kind of Air filters should I get?
Why is my AC running all the time in the summer?
Why is our energy bill so high?
If you listen regularly to the show, you'll literally be able to answer each of those questions all by yourself. The guys have a little fun presenting the significance of sealing your house tightly to save on leaking air...coming in and going out.
And here's an "about time" discussion you'll find today...
How to be sure the appraised value for your home is given when you do a whole house value add. Especially if you’re selling your home! If you have a documented high performing home, Brower will give you a full report for the appraisal and the values it represents. Only one of 18 contractors in the country are capable of doing this sort of process to mandate the realtor uses this information for greater value. If that isn't just one more reason to give Brower Mechanical a call, I don't know what else it would take! Call 916-624-0808 or on line at

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