Noise, noise, noise in the attic…

creepy dark attic of a home
Sunday, October 27, 2019 - 4pm

Energy Highs and Lows

The goblins are out and your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small are having some fun with the holiday coming up. But in spite of the holiday treats, no amount of sugar is going to get the home right and we all know, that sugar high only leads to a sugar crash. Just like your energy usage, it feels good when you’re overpaying for comfort but it sure stinks when you get the bill. Here more of the options as the show continues.

Why Get a Home Energy Audit?

Now, one of the benefits of a Brower home energy audit is what the outcome of it all is. The conversation here is a wonderful case study of how a homeowner got himself battery backup and an energy upgrade all for less than his average monthly utility bill. And that’s not to mention his security of knowing his utility costs month in and month out. If you’re thinking about solar, remember, now is the time to act so it gets installed in time for the tax credit before the credits change in 2020. Be sure not to wait.

All About Generac Generators

This segment has a wonderful caller who has been doing her homework, had a great deal of information and had a great experience with Brower Mechanical before. She knew all about Generac generators and some of the capabilities they could provide. You’ll be surprised to hear her comments on what she would like to see happen.

Happy Halloween! 

So in keeping with the holiday tradition, it is Halloween week and it just wouldn’t be right without some comment about the holiday. You’ve heard them all before… Don’t get spooked by the high costs of energy. Keep the ghouls out of your attic by sealing it properly. Electrification used to be for Frankensteins only, now we’re doing it to our homes. Don’t let your utility play tricks when you want to treat yourself to comfort. Hear what Duane and Bill have to say about it all as they close out yet another Halloween holiday. The payoff is more treat than trick.

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