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Nothing. Really. Nothing. (As in no expense to your home energy upgrades!)

Learn how making energy upgrades to your Sacramento, CA home can increase your total savings in the long run!
Saturday, December 10, 2016 - 9am

That’s right! Did you know there are many ways you can upgrade your home energy system and over a given period of time, the entire cost of the improvements can be offset by tax incentives and energy cost savings? And in many cases, the entire financing for the project won’t even require a credit report on your part. Your hosts, Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker tackle the explanation of how there are many ways to accomplish the objectives of getting your indoor air quality to meet the expectations you have. Comfort is relative but the process to get you there is similar in most cases. This is a must listen show if you’re intent on getting started on improving your home’s value and the consistency of your indoor air quality. To see in person what many of the options you’ll hear about really look like and how they function, you can now see them in person. The Brower Home Power showroom is now open in Rocklin at 2995 South Whitney. It’s worth the visit as you’ll see how these energy efficient systems actually operate, hear how quiet the new whole house fans are, what a variable speed pool pump runs like and so much more.
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