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Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 12pm

Home Energy and Everything That Covers

It’s hot, it’s been hot and it’s likely going to get a bit hotter yet. Now what? Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small enter into a fun discussion on HVAC monikers and where the description of “mechanical” in the name actually comes from. Fun story and really interesting to hear how much more the industry has changed and how inclusive what used to be just a simple heating and air conditioning company is now so much more. Brower Mechanical now means, HVAC, attic sealing, ducting, solar, home energy assessments, backup power including batteries and generators, roofing, windows and even pool pumps. If it has something to do with home energy, you can be sure your mechanical service company is involved to some degree in many of the options.

Does Your Home Have Backup Power?

o what’s going on now and what’s on most people’s minds? Power. Backup power. What if there’s a Public Safety Power Shutoff? PSPS? Will you be able to have your home powered up? And how are you going to do that? Depends. Do you have solar, do you need a generator? What are the steps to all the processes for all this energy? This isn’t something you’re going to want to tackle on your own. A big investment could go down the drain if you’re unaware of the legal variations in locale. Trust the experts here. It’s covered in the conversation in this segment.

Can Your AC Keep UP With The Heat?

So what happens when you have an A/C unit that just can’t keep up with the temperature you expect? Or not even really comfortable? Well, first off, it depends on if your expectation is realistic. But, in many cases, it could be signaling something bigger and a problem you’ll want to address. The caller case study did just that. Hear about it in this segment.

Prepare Your Home For Solar

Solar size and expense is always a critical concern when you’re considering options for home energy. An absolute must is understanding not only today but tomorrow as well. Is there anything you’re going to do differently that could change your home’s energy consumption? Be sure to factor everything in. If not, you WILL make an investment that’s unnecessary. Home energy upgrades planned properly will yield less panels and at $1000 per panel, that could be a significant savings.

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