Preparation, insulation, computation means jubilation!

man at home with computer with angry arms in the air
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 11am

The guys are fired up. And they want you to get fired up about firing up the furnace for the first time of the season! Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get after it immediately as they share the need to get the furnace ready and how best to do so for the season...and saving money by doing it right! When you use the Brower videos to help you understand why certain things happen in the home, you’ll have a much better perspective on what your next steps to energy efficiency should be. And wait until you hear the information you’re going to get on insulation.

Ducts and wraps and huge thermal variations in the attic of your home will be discussed during the show and there won’t be a single listener who will come away thinking their insulation is “done right”. Unless of course it was just upgraded by a home energy company with the expertise to do so, like Brower Mechanical. This is pretty compelling stuff when you hear it.

Reducing before you produce. You hear about it every show. Today, you’ll hear a caller who listens to the show who really gets it. They understood the message of energy efficiency and asked all the right questions. They even knew where they wanted to start because they’ve heard the message so often and so clearly. What is it? The home energy audit or at the very least, the abbreviated clipboard audit.

And finally, to close the show, how about this? Heat your water with electric and get $3000. Yup. That’s it. Get $3000 from SMUD when you install a new electric water heater. Then, buy 3 solar panels and cover the energy cost of the solar panels with the rebate from SMUD. That means you’re heating your water for free for the life of the solar! Now that’s a deal you can’t pass up. For more information on how you can actually heat your water for free, learn about the energy rebates available to you today or just to get your free clipboard energy audit, give Brower Mechanical a call at 916-624-0808 on line at

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