Put a little energy into your home energy reduction

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Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 9am

How does nearly $4M in home performance energy savings sound? That’s the value of the tax credits and rebates that Brower Mechanical has seen customers save since they began their reducing before producing programs. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small share how you’re able to get what it is YOU want in your home energy consumption, savings and efforts to improve the quality of your in-home comfort and efficiency. That’s a lot of money over a little period of time and it can be something you can do right away.

If you’re a regular listener to the show, you also know there’s a showroom for everyone to get into to see what the opportunities are that exist but there are also videos to save you the trip. Check them out on line and remember they serve to fourget. Yes, that’s spelled correctly. Four gets:

1) Get a plan
2) Get an energy upgrade
3) Get small solar
4) Get the right financing

There are videos to walk you thru the process. Simply and easily. Right from the comfort of your home living room.

The guys continue an in depth discussion on geo-thermal options to save you big on taxes as well as energy bills. Learn what that all means as it’s really quite the interesting. (And get’s you a 30% tax credit too!) Find out what the options are that you have at your disposal. Find out what small solar really means when you consume less electricity. At $1000 per solar panel, do you want to load up with excess solar panels or have a healthier, more efficient home with less panels?

Here’s something to give consideration to. If you’re in the SMUD service area, you may not even need solar. The new “time of use” pricing is so efficient, you could save enough to get enough energy reduction and the rebates to make solar a secondary consideration. How about that!

The conversation continues on to insulation and ducting. They may not be glamorous but it’s a true nuts and bolts process that gets you the biggest bang for your buck in the long run. This is the result in most of the home energy analysis. You’ll learn why this is one of the best opportunities to save yourself the most. And there’s even more to this segment that you’ve got to hear to understand. It’s a huge discussion with a great deal of value.

Closing the show, the case study given is one that most people can relate to. The home energy assessment done on this house is an eye opener with $13,000 in rebates to cover nearly half the entire project. Done properly, you too can reduce your utility bill with payments for the service less than what you started with and have all the new equipment giving you a healthier, more efficient home. What better way to go to head into the holidays! Give Brower Mechanical a call today at 916-624-0808. Online at ... www.gosmallsolar.com. Find the energy to start saving energy!

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