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Record heat means record utility bills, unless you do these few things!

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Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 11am

Keep Your Home Comfortable in the Heat

Who doesn’t love an outdoor thermostat reading of 107 degrees! Certainly not your show hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small. Heat is good as it gives them an opportunity to help demonstrate how they can keep your home as comfortable as you like it and do it for less than you would have thought possible. The season of heat is now and the next 6-8 weeks are exactly the reason this show exists.

Benefits of a Whole House Fans

Whole house fans have been the rage of late since the weather has been mild in the evenings allowing the house to pull in the cool outdoor air and stay relatively comfortable most of the day. By nighttime, more cool air for the home from the moderate night. Repeat daily. Ahhh, the benefits of the whole house fan. The case study here is a great example of how a home was upgraded to accommodate the whole house fan and in the long run, it represented a reduction of 5 solar panels needed for energy. That’s easy math - A savings of $5000 on what would have been needed prior to the upgrades and the whole house fan. Now that it’s getting hotter, what to do? More answers are in the show.

How Often Should You Get a HVAC Maintence Check?

This third segment, our usual segment with a caller from the market, is actually very aware of his situation. He knows roughly what’s wrong with his system and he also knows it’s been some time since anyone has looked at his system. Like 16 years. Not a bad run to have nothing done. But just think if he was getting some sort of regular revitalization? Even if it was only every other year, or two or three. Likely, the demise of something in his system would have at least been noticed had he done something about it with regular maintenance.

Keeping the Lights On When the Grid is Off

Finally, we’re all faced with the certainty of Public Safety Power Shutoffs. What are some alternatives to protecting the integrity of your home’s energy? Well, generators for sure, but the big deal now is battery backup. Generators can be expensive but battery backup is reasonable and depending on your expectations, more often the choice of most. Make your home energy system comprehensive and complete. This way you’re able to have some electricity if and when you need to power those things that were in your plan. You’ll also get your neighbors attention if their lights are out and yours are on! You’re either going to become very popular or irritate somebody, but that’s another story.

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