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Reducing before producing to save energy: real life examples.

Reducing before producing to save energy: real life examples, Brower Mechanical, Sacramento, CA
Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 11am

If you're new to the show, then what you're about to hear is going to be extremely enlightening. If you're a regular to the show, then your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small are going to reiterate the options you have as you navigate the waters of solar opportunity to reduce your overall energy expense. You'll learn ways to minimize the amount of solar you'll need and ways to take advantage of the tax benefits, the rebates and the overall energy savings. The biggest take away, however, will be getting a plan and a clip board audit completed before you do anything. This road map to energy savings gives you specific objectives and goals and provides you the solutions necessary to make your home energy efficient (reducing) before you install solar (producing). This way, you've minimized your solar investment and capitalized on your total home energy system. There's so much more to doing solar right than just doing solar. Your perspective will most likely change after listening and you can assure yourself the decision you make will be a more informed decision going forward. For more information, call Brower Mechanical today. 916-624-0808 or on line at

Or Deeply Reduced - Rebates & Tax Credits Available