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Renewable energy, Carbon free...what’s it mean to me?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 3pm

Today's show opens with your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small sharing the reality of where California is going to be in the very near future and the impact/effect on you personally. What does Senate Bill 100 mean? Is it even a possibility? Can the entire state get to a carbon free footprint in less than 30 years? That means no more combustion engines. No more gas lawn mowers, motorcycles, etc etc... Hmmm. That means no more landscapers with the edgers screaming away at 7am either! From there you'll learn what a small weekly investment with Brower's programs could yield vs the other programs that are so prevalent right now coming to your home in the mail. Doesn't seem like there are only three companies that always seem to have last years models on clearance?

Hear about the challenges and opportunities a customer had with their home in Rocklin. It was a unique roofing issue that re quired a specific application. Solar wouldn't allow them to reach the objectives they had. After an energy audit, they were able to come to a conclusion that got them the result they were looking for... for less than the anticipated investment. There are many ways to lower your energy consumption that result in the requirement for less solar panels, saving $1000 per panel not used as the result and that turns into lower utility bills.

If you’re a whole house fan, fan, you’ll appreciate the discussion in today’s third segment. There are ways to take advantage of the opportunities with whole house fans that lower that utility bill in the most efficient way. Then there are mini-splits. How can they better serve what it is you’re trying to accomplish? Yes, they’re great for “spot” cooling or heating but may be able to do more than just a small room. It’s all in today’s program. And when it’s time to act (What are you waiting for anyway!) call Brower Mechanical. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

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