Revitalize, Schmitalize. Will it save me money…

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Sunday, July 14, 2019 - 11am

When does revitalization recoup its’ value? How about when it actually pays for almost two solar panels? This is a most interesting story that your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get into at the beginning of the show. It’s an incredible story of an A/C unit running poorly, not needing replacement but just needing some attention. Since the family was also looking at solar as well, this was a critically timed visit saving the family nearly $2000 on a simple revitalization call. Amazing. Hear how in this week's podcast!

Don't miss out on solar tax credits! 

Tax credits. Solar. Changing. Did you know that the solar tax credit dips from 30% to 26% next year? Or that if you purchase a battery and solar system together you can still get the full 30% tax credit? It’s true. Learn some of the options you have when making this decision since there have been changes and they mean both money and comfort in your home. With Public Service Power Shutoffs imminent, do you have to go without power should that happen? Or, do you have to suffer the high rates in prime time to stay cool? Well, with batteries as backup, you may find that you’ll barely notice that you’ve even had a power outage or premium time of use expense.

Also, you’ll hear how the Brower teeny tiny Solar club is growing and what those case studies are all about. There are two examples that will really surprise with what can be done with fewer solar panels on the roof.

Benefits of an All-Electric Home

Natural gas has risen faster in price than electricity when purchasing from PG&E. Fact. That means there are options for you to consider when looking at the equipment your home is using. This is critical. Electricity may be less expensive to heat your home and water now when compared to gas. Not to mention, burnt fuel sucks all the moisture out of the air so your furnace, if it’s gas, is really drying things out. Heat pumps pull less moisture from the air for a higher humidity heat. And humidity is a good thing within reason. This makes electric heat a pretty attractive deal and even more so when you consider the rebates offered by SMUD. Could your bill be even smaller than you expected after installation of more electric home energy systems? Find out in today’s show.

Is your home energy system in trouble? 

Finally, could your existing home energy system be in trouble after only a few years? Only if it was defective or installed improperly. These systems are meant to last much longer than a few years. They should be good for much, much longer. And many times, you’re replacing the system well before it’s needed. More importantly, you may be a candidate for a much smaller system once your home energy upgrades have been completed. And…small solar.

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