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Santa Baby, how about a more energy efficient home for the holidays?

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Sunday, December 23, 2018 - 8am

OK, hopefully, you’ve got all your holiday shopping complete but you can be sure that there are two guys you’re listening to that have some work to do. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get after ways you can help pay for those holiday gifts by reducing your expense. Yes, really! Start in the right place with the ability to control your home’s energy usage. Step one: possibly Nest thermostats. Learn the advantages on line. Brower is one of only 4 Nest elite dealers in the market. Find out why and how they earned the ability to do so. Hear about the technology explosion in HVAC. Exciting stuff you may want learn about, especially if you’re in the market for improvements.

Find out how to get the most out of your home’s energy upgrades by reinvesting in your home vs spend, spend, spend. Get greater value for your home, save money, get a healthier, more comfortable and yes, even quieter home by doing the process correctly. Take it from the experts, there’s definitely a “right” way to getting this done correctly and where else to hear it that way than right here?

This time of year presents opportunities that don’t always exist. There’s even a special holiday bonus in this show and it will save you money. Especially if you have SMUD as your primary source of energy. They’ve lowered their rates if you were to consume energy at the right times. It’s really worth exploring if you’re currently in the market for new energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home. The benefits could make the decision a real no-brainer. It’s worth getting the video to learn what it is you can do. Just go to and type in “Leverage SMUD”. You’ll hear that, in many cases, heating bills shifted from gas can be cut in half. That’s right. Your bill would be reduced by 50%. Why not reinvest it into something for your home for the new year? SMUD is willing to help with huge rebates when you further electrify your home. The rebates are truly incredible and now is the time to take advantage of them before they go away. For more information, be sure to visit: or call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808. There’s never been a better time to do so.

From all of us at Brower Mechanical, have a very Merry Christmas holiday with family and friends!!!

Or Deeply Reduced - Rebates & Tax Credits Available