Scary high utility bills shouldn’t haunt you when the weather changes.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 11am

It may seem like a “trick” if you don’t pay attention but could really be a “treat” to lower utility bills. With SMUD moving customers to time of use billing there are opportunities to take advantage of the new billing process. Are you aware? Are you paying attention? This is a big deal and incredible opportunity for you to save money. Did I say “save” money? Yes! But you have to know how to get around the goblins to do it right. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small help you shine light on the process before you get caught in a web of confusion. It doesn’t have to be a spooky experience.

And to match time of use energy consumption, what better way than to introduce what a net zero energy home is today. What does that really mean? Are there different interpretations? Is it even a possibility today? Listen to find the answers. It’s not an invisible situation lurking in a dark space. It’s here today. Find out if you’re a LIFOT home. (Living in Fear of Thermostat) Your thermostat should be a friend. Not frightening fiend. You’ll learn how to tame the darkness of the thermostat by shining a brighter light on home energy. And to shed a little more sunshine on the gloomy vampires casting a cloud on your home, listen to learn how best to evaluate whether you really do need solar as your silver bullet to lower energy expense. There may be other less expensive options when you take it all into account. That’s some good candy in the bag!

Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to a family referral. Clears the cobwebs, if you will. Hear a caller actually reinforce what his father suggested. This is quite the compliment when you realize there’s a specific person that’s requested and an offer that most wouldn’t even think to share when referring a business to a family member. I mean if it was a creepy experience, would you talk about it with anyone else?

And here’s the best treat of the Halloween show. Don’t breathe the dirt of a dungeon in your home! Indoor air quality is a big deal and you wouldn’t want a bi-plane flying beast blowing thru the house stirring up and leaving dust and particulates all over the place. First, it’s filthy but secondly, you’re breathing that matter too. Stop! That’s just frightening to think about. There are silver bullet solutions to this and ways to exorcise these issues. Rely on your HVAC technician to address the them and recommend solutions to help you get it right. See the light of day. It’s starts with a clip board audit or home energy audit. Then you can begin to formulate the plan to remedy. Prevent those ghostly fears from re-occurring. The trick is getting it right when you assess the rebates and most efficient process to help you be where you want to be. The treat is working with Brower and beating the fear of doing nothing. Call Brower Mechanical today. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

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