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The season of heat harkens!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 4pm

Get Ready for the Heat!

It’s whole house fan time and now is when you need to seriously give it consideration before the heat of the season hits. Do you know what you need to know? Have you considered the pros and cons and have you seen the new styles of whole house fans available to you? Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss a lot about how these new fans can have an effect you desire and a few you may not. Pay attention to the segment as it may help you make that decision. Whole house fans are great but may not be for everybody.

Don't Wait for your HVAC System to Fail. Rebates = Savings = Confidence

Moving into a topic that can help you save more money with rebates, here’s a thought: why wait on an older unit, like a water heater, to fail and miss a rebate when you can pro-actively move and replace the system and get the rebate for that upgrade. Of course you wouldn’t do this on a newer system of any sort but if you have a system you know to be older, maybe on the edge, why not take this step before it’s a panic situation? Then you aren’t in control. Take control. And it doesn’t stop with water heaters. It’s similar with HVAC units as well. Don’t wait for a catastrophic failure. When time is of the essence, you’ll want to move to get ahead of it all. Act now for a win-win-win situation. Rebates-Savings-Confidence. Know you’re set for the future.

What to do with High Energy Bills?

There’s a great call you’ll hear in this 3rd segment from someone who had an $800 utility bill…in a month! And that was enough to get his attention to act. Fortunately, he’s doing his homework and even more fortunately, he called Brower Mechanical. Hear his efforts and I’m sure you’ll find some familiar situations. His choices and logic may surprise you.

Are You Ready for a Power Shutoff?

Lastly, why does a red flag alert from the California Department of Forestry mean anything to you? How about PSPS? A Public Service Power Shutoff is what that means. No A/C. No refrigeration. No WiFi. No good from this writers’ perspective! Do you have options? What to do to support the situation if and when that happens? The answers are in the last segment of this show and you’ll pay attention if you’re in one of the fire prone areas likely to have power shutoffs.

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And finally, with the utmost respect and sincere appreciation, the entire Brower Mechanical team recognizes the sacrifices given and honors those who gave their lives for our country this Memorial Day weekend.

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