Ecobee Smart Thermostats

Homes in the Sacramento area are becoming more connected and data-driven than ever – some call this the "smart home" or "connected home" movement.

What is a connected home?

There are a number of unique technologies on the market for connecting your home systems to the internet and gaining visibility – no matter where you are located – into energy usage and occupant comfort. At Brower Mechanical, we don't believe in using all the latest gadgets. We took our time with a number of ideas, and decided we were going to work with one of them, the Ecobee wi-fi thermostat, as a way for our customers to get started in connected home technologies.

Benefits of the Ecobee thermostat

The Ecobee is a great product and is very easy to understand. Here are the main benefits:

  • You can control home heating and cooling systems from your smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • The thermostat is intuitive and easy to learn – it learns your patterns by design
  • You can even expand it with multiple portals
  • If you buy an Ecobee from us you get your own trained technician at Brower to field your questions
  • Very affordable device

Ecobee owners save an average of 23% annually on home utility costs, according to a study by the manufacturer. You will gain in home comfort as well.

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