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Sleeping well and energy upgrades? C’mon...

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Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 8am

OK… todays’ show opens with your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discussing some of the collateral benefits of home energy upgrades. A recent project that was completed had the homeowner marveling at the difference in, believe it or not, how quiet the home was after the upgrades...and this did not include windows! You’ll hear how this often occurs and what the reasons are for the effect. It’s a pretty nice benefit you actually don’t expect and a very nice result when it comes to home comfort. And no, we can’t help you with snoring!

You’ve heard it before if you’re a show listener with any regularity but for those of you less familiar, the “Set it and Forget it” program gets a healthy explanation on the benefits and the process. This is a no-joke situation. Brower will actually guarantee you the cost of the energy to keep your home at exactly the temperature you choose. If that’s of interest to you, make the call at the end of the show. The discussion continues into the benefits and options that are now available to keep your home running on backup power with battery storage. The technology is now there and you know who is right on top of it giving you the detail you’ll need to meet the requirements you have. And if you don’t know, you can be sure you’ll learn your options.

You’ll hear from a caller in this segment who doesn’t really need a new system because the current HVAC is still working...even though it’s 30 years old! Trick question is, does she need a new unit at this point in time? The Brower answer is maybe not! Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. The solution Duane explains will surprise you.

Ever go thru the process of having to decide on which filter your system needs? With all the issues that can occur, like the issues last year with the fires, the pollen in spring, the dust in the summer, it’s important you have the proper filtration and clean it regularly but there are other ways to make sure your home is not sucking in the air from the outside first. Filtration is really a secondary consideration, not the primary one. Getting the house sealed up properly is the first and foremost process to go thru. Your indoor air quality IS the most important part of home comfort. Just think if you didn’t have all that dust to deal with every week. Make the call to Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808 or visit them online at You’ll be pleased you did.

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